Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Netbeans to support Python, It's offical

Today at EuroPython 2008, Ted Leung (Dynamic Languages & Tools Architect, Sun Microsystems) and Frank Wierzbicki (Jython Project Lead, Sun Microsystems) announced that the NetBeans IDE will be supporting Python and Jython in future releases. At the core of bringing Python/Jython support to the NetBeans IDE, is the formation of the NBPython Project, led by community member Allan Davis.

For more information, visit the NBPython Project page and request membership to the project. For developers wishing to contribute, sign up for the development mailing list.

In addition, the Sun Developer Network (SDN) is also launching the Python Developer Center and is planning to feature Python/Jython technologies in future Sun Tech Days events, a 15-city world tour designed to educate developers in local markets on various technologies. Python runtime support is already available in OpenSolaris 2008.05, via the pkg.opensolaris.org repository, as well as with Cool Stack on Solaris 10-based systems.

For More Information:

NBPython Project Page
Sun's Python Developer Center

Interview: Allan Davis, nbPython Developer

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