Saturday, July 12, 2008

nbPython m4.2 released

We have released Milestone 4.2 of nbPython. With this release the console has been fixed. If you want to open the console select window-> Python console from the menu bar.

You can download the new release from

I will publish a video shortly



Elijah Ministries said...

Missing required dependency for Plugin pyCore:
External Execution Support [module org.netbeans.modules.extexecution/0 = 200807071204] module org.netbeans.modules.nbjunit/1 > 1.52
Missing required dependency for Plugin pyTestBase:
module org.netbeans.libs.junit4 > 1.0 Common Scripting Language Platform Support [module org.netbeans.modules.gsfpath.api/1 = 200807071204] Master Filesystem [module org.netbeans.modules.masterfs/2 = 200807071204] module org.netbeans.modules.nbjunit/1 > 1.52


I use Netbeans 6.5M1 and nbpython 4.2


Alley said...

Because of requirements to external execution M1 does not work. any build post m1 will be fine.