Tuesday, July 8, 2008

nbPython M4 is released

I have posted milestone 4 of nbPython. It can be downloaded at http://nbpython.dev.java.net
Please note that the nbm's can only be installed in 07/07/2008 daily build or later.
Some of the new features include are:
  • class and method generation (alt + insert)
  • Interactive console (window->other->python console)
  • Improved syntax highlighting
Lead Developer, nbPython


Raghavan said...
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adam said...

I really wish you would have versions of this nbm built for nb6.1 so I wuold not have to install a recent daily build every time you release a mile stone. I would love to give feed back about nbPython, but I can't because I use nb6.1 and not a daily build. Is their some dependency with a new api in the nightly builds and if not why not have a version built for nb6.1? In any case I can't wait for this module to have a final release, then I'll be looking forward to nbwx with wxPython integration!

Alley said...

There are several API that we are using such as GSF and extexecution are only available for netbeans 6.5.