Friday, December 26, 2008

SCSNI, Netbeans Dream Team and other news

There has been a couple of news items with me lately.

First I was just checking the sun certification database, and it was there. The status of the Netbeans certification test took in October is passed. So Now I am a Sun Certified Specialist on the Netbeans IDE.

Secondly, I am now a part of the Netbeans Dream Team. Which means that i will be more heavily involved with the Netbeans community.

More to Come
Happy Coding don't let the snakes bite.


KdgDev said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome Aboard ;) Happy Holidays :D

xndxn said...

Félicitation ! [in french in the text]

Hey ! So you are the awesome guy who works on python and django in NB. I just discovered NB, I use it for a java project, but I can't wait to try on Python project and especialy Django ones...

Could you give us some insight about the status of the django integration in the lastest 6.7 release and... explain why there isn't a Python release of NB ;)

Unknown said...


I'm also very interested in your efforts to at Django support to Netbeans. I'm intrigued by exactly what kind of support you 'll be providing and how, from a user point of view, they will use NB to develop Django projects. Can't wait to hear you plans.


Francisco Javier said...

Hi Allan,

could you please explain the current status of django support in netbeans? Are you working on it?

I'm really interested but there aren't any news since .

eldamar said...

How is progress going on nbflex, it looks like all other projects on developing a suite for actionscript/flex developing for netbeans is dead. I found your project on google-code, please continue the great work.


Rodrigo Pinheiro Matias said...

O projeto nbpython é muito interessante, mas tenho notado que o projeto anda meio abandonando, será se ele será removido da base de plugins do nbt?