Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Python in Netbeans is a go!!!!

After a 6 months of development. nbPython has been given the green light to be release as the official python build for Netbeans. The EA release will be released with Netbeans6.5. This feels like a real achievement for us. I would like to thank all the people who made this possable:
  • Ted Leung
  • Tor Norbye
  • Frank Wierzbicki
  • Jean-Yves Mengant
  • Amit Saha
  • The rest of the nbPython Development team
  • Netbeans QA Team
Most of all the user community, With out you this would have been all for nothing.


Anonymous said...

Slithering, man!
Will it have nice netbeans features like code completion, navigation, debugger?
WIll it work with the candidate release or do we have to wait until the stable release?

Amit Saha said...

Hey Alley!

Great Job. It has been nice to be working alongwith you :-)


Anuradha said...

Hey Alley!,
Now you working for Sun nice to hear :-)

Josh Juneau said...

Great work! Looking forward to using nbPython.

Mike Levin said...

Props from CodeTown, here in the Swamp!

...Michael Levin

Alley said...

No i don't work for Sun. I am a community member just like your self.

You can check out all the features here.


Anonymous said...

Good luck and best wishes! Now, I wish to learn and use Python for the very first time from NetBeans...Looking forward to it..

Anonymous said...

i have some questions, if you could help me...
I downloaded netbeans-hudson-python-187-python from but i want the django support..., i dont know how to get that branch or the plugin, please if you know how to get this netbeans with django tell me :) thanks in advance

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