Monday, July 28, 2008

nbPython Milestone 5 is out

I have posted milestone 5. You can get it here(

Just a note, Milestone 5 has a completely new project system. so any project created before Milestone 5 will not open. My recomendation is that you create the project with a new name and then copy the files from the old source directory to the new source directory. Then everything will be ok.



Silveira Neto said...

Go, nbpython, go!

Stefano Mtangoo said...

Good work Alley and Team! But I have failed to configure my NB PYTHON Platform. How do you configure the interpreter and Java paths. Otherwise, the work is outstanding!

Alley said...

Auto Detect is in a couple of milestones but it should detect the bundled jython. For now Open up the Python Platform Manager under Tools -> Python Platforms
then select new...
Browse to the python command you want to use
Click ok

Hope that helps

Stefano Mtangoo said...

Yeah, No Problem one Executing code